Kailua Kona Hawaii wedding and Engagement Photographer

Off Camera Flash


This past weekend Brady Simmons and myself tested out a new monolight.  We brought out or trusty Rovelight 600b to compare.  We where comparing it the new Orlit monolight.  Being a Wedding photographer means being ready for what ever is thrown at me, having gear that will reliably work.

Here in Kailua Kona, Hawaii we have some amazing Wedding backdrops. Sometimes we need a little help with artificial light to full capture it's beauty.  I hear a lot of people say "I shoot natural light only."  Well for me I would too but sometimes I don't have the option to chase natural light around on location or at Wedding.  Natural light is always my first choice.    

So what I found out is with the Orlit flash I am able to shoot at a lot lower of a power then my Rovelight.  It produced some Amazingly soft shots.  

I am going to compare the Orlit next month to the xplor600 monolight.  Here are a couple shots from the Orlit  


Incredibly soft light that looks natural! If I where to shoot this 100% natural light either my background wouldn't be almost completely over exposed or my subject would be to dark for my taste of photography.  

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