Kailua Kona Hawaii wedding and Engagement Photographer

Dramatic Kona Sunset

Fine Art Wedding Photography

   For me the Creation of a beautiful Wedding Portrait comes from Calmness, Creativity and Communication.    The calmness comes from the communication,   throughout the months leading up to the Wedding my clients and I discuss ALOT!   Building that relationship and trust is the key!  Once that is there my creative brain goes to work.  With all the months of communication I know my clients really well and the shoots are amazing!!   We have so much fun!   

Some cases, not all, I have the honor to shoot Dramitic Wedding Portraits either at a First Look or a day or two after the Wedding.  That way there is no pressure of a timeline and they can spend that quality time with there family and friends that came to share that special day.  Also sometimes there's multiple locations that are very special to them.    


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