Kailua Kona Hawaii wedding and Engagement Photographer

Intimate Kona Wedding

My morning started out at the amazing Beauty Luxe Salon in Kailua Kona with Mara McMichael and the Beautiful Bride to be.   It was a 9:00am ceremony time so I was able to get quite a few getting ready shots.

Quickly following the makeup and hair I jetted down to the ceremony location.  Despite the past couple weeks of VOG it was a perfect morning.   The Wedding Ceremony was right on the rocks near the water.   I think it was the fastest ceremony of my life.   It was an ultra private Wedding Ceremony, so getting the shots I wanted to get was no problem at all, being a Wedding Photographer consists of shooting on the sides and backside of the Wedding.  

I was using my normal setup of two cameras but also had my 35mm film camera,  so having 3 three cameras on me and a lightning fast Wedding I ended up putting myself in a noose from switching cameras so fast....  End result was amazing with the digital images and I can't wait to have the film shots devoloped .  


Beautiful Kona coast wedding 

Beautiful Kona coast wedding 

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